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For my appearance on tonight’s program with George Knapp, I’ve dug out a couple of rare images for the listeners.

The first is an original drawing made by UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz of something he said crashed in the mountains near Dulce, NM in January of 1986, as recounted in my book Project Beta. Bennewitz said that it was an atomic powered aircraft that aliens had given to the U.S. Government. When he and local law enforcement officer Gabe Valdez trekked into the wilderness soon after to look for the crash site, the area had been cleaned of all debris, but Valdez found a government-issued ballpoint pen accidentally left at the scene.


This other image is from a program for the UFO Expo West, a large conference that was held in Los Angeles from June 12-13, 1993. George Knapp was on the beat!

Knapp 1993

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